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Dry Screw vs.


Outline of both systems
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Advantages of Dry Screw
High Performance Response

Dry Screw Compressor/expander can adjust input/output power with extreme flexibility by wide adaptability of rotational speed. It realizes a high-performance response to the requirement signal (charge/discharge). ⇒  In contrast, the Turbo compressor does not fit as Renewable Energy Storage as they do not have the flexibility to requirement signal.

Achieved Highest Pressure as Dry Screw Type

KOBELCO has successfully upgraded the Dry Screw Compressor capable to be used with high pressure, which will fit as an alternative of GT-CAES (Turbo compressor is standard) and realize emission free Energy Storage system.

One Screw Type machine can be used for Both Directions

KOBELCO DRY SCREW machine can be used for both directions, Compressor and Expander, which brings additional cost advantages.  In contrast, GT-CAES (Turbo) type requires separate machines for compression and generation (either an expander or a gas turbine). 

Dry Screw vs. GT-CAES (TURBO)
Operational process of GT-CAES using TURBO

* The term ”GT-CAES” refers to alternative CAES systems that use turbocompressors and fossil fuels in their generation cycle, using either a gas turbine (GT) or expander.

  • GT-CAES system uses a gas turbine or expander-powered generator fueled by natural gas.  As a result, it has carbon emissions.

  • The system converts surplus electricity into compressed air,  then stores it in underground spaces.

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