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Advantages of KAB System

1. Emission Free (no CO2)
  • Designed to use the power from renewable energy sources.

  • Zero Emissions during operation. Adiabatic CAES without gas turbine, which uses only Air and Water.

2. Economical
  • By using Salt Cavern as air storage, outstanding cost reduction will be achieved for long duration (over 4 hours), which is proved by the DOE report in 2020.

  • One KAB system could be used both for Compressor and Expander.

3. Efficient
  • Minimize the loss of power during charging/discharging by using Dry Screw Compressor.

  • Store excess intermittent energy from renewable resources and sell dispatchable stored energy when market prices are higher.

KOBELCO Dry Screw has a qualified, expert, nation-wide service network in the U.S.

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