Heat Exchange & Thermal Media Storage

Advantage of the system

KAB’s heat exchange system is operated only with Air and Water.  KAB’s air cooling method consumes only atmosphere and supported by pressurized water.  Pressurized water goes back and forth in water tanks and never been consumed.

Pressurized water keeps about 130psig, and during the charging process, the water temperature goes up to 280F.  In the discharging process, this 280F pressurized water helps heating compressed air to flow into the expander (=dry screw).

In case of GT-CAES when they use Turbo compressor, thermal media requires about 930F in order to burn Natural Gas in discharging process .  In comparison, KAB system with Dry Screw Compressor/Expander does not require such high temp to operate.  

It is notable that KAB system does not use fossil energy and operates carbon-free.  It is a very clean A-CAES system. 

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